CES 2017

This year's gadget-thon is certainly living up to the CES 2017 Las Vegas expo’s reputation as the place to see what’s next in tech, showcasing innovations that will set the tone for the rest of the year.

Atlas Dynamics Debuting the “ERIDA” Drone at CES 2017

Full Carbon Fiber TriCopter Drone “Erida”. The Drone will be the first consumer drone to boast a full carbon fiber construction, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour and flying for up to 40 minutes.

Review from CES2017

We were looking for a great drone that enables you to take amazing pictures, but most existing solutions are complex and expensive, so we decided to change that” says Ivan Tolchinsky Founder and CEO of Atlas Dynamics. “We love technology, love building stuff, and love flying drones. There was no satisfactory solution so we decided to make one”. Atlas developed an easy to use and specially designed drone, that answers all needs by consumers - speed, flight time, picture quality and ease of use.

Atlas Dynamics founded just over a year ago seems to be running fast. In less than 18 months the company developed a uniquely designed tricopter with 3 basic attributes – intelligibility, simplicity and visual attractiveness for every user to take photos and do filming without any previous experience and knowledge. What makes it special? It is made fully out of carbon fiber, which makes it the fastest drone (75MPH), with more than 40 minutes of flight time and folding wings for mobility. Besides developing this unique hardware, the company develops its own in-house software that enables ease of use in both operation and autonomous modes, fully automatic takeoff, flight and landing, constantly tracking the user’s location, and creating great pictures and movies using its motorized gimbal and its partner’s great YI 4K camera.

The Erida is Atlas’s first product and the focus of the company for the time being, but it’s definitely not the last. “It’s not about creating a drone, it’s about solving real problems and providing seamless and easy to use solutions to people in need, changing their day to day life and creating accessibility to technology that was out of reach” Ivan emphasizes. “New technologies should be comprehensive and accessible in usage, function and price. New technologies are not created only for professional use but should be available for the wider public.” Atlas’s CEO is not just talking; in less than 5 months, the company succeeded in developing a method for mass production of carbon, a technology that was once reserved to corporations and is now becoming accessible for the average consumer.

Something big ,start from very little things . Just a little step and this changes everything. Just a power to make it and make it better. Make something different ,be different . People with passion can change the world, people who believe that they can change the world because they a crazy enough to do it!”, say’s Ivan Tolchinsky Founder, CEO Atlas Dynamics.

Atlas Dynamics will not stop at this one product. For company it is important that products are becoming more interesting in its functions, use and piloting. Now Atlas Dynamics are focusing on Erida which will be launched onto the market in mid of 2017. Atlas Dynamics wish the latest technologies are not the luxury goods, but are easy to understand and available for everyone. Erida is one step closer to customers offering to use new technologies today and enjoy filming and shooting great photos and videos.