Flight modes
Follow Erida will follow you on a distance and altitude set by you
Mission This mode allows you to drop points on map, creating path for Erida to follow. Manage your flights using waypoints
Random Erida itself chooses the flight mode at random and changes it during the flight
Orbit Erida circling around you at the chosen height and distance
Focus Focus mode is for object filming after manualy setting the Point Of Interest
Beam Automatic mode which allows user to position Erida in the air using accelerometer and gyroscope in mobile devices
Freeflight Immersive piloting mode for a smooth flight. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pilot, the controller make piloting accessible to all. Now you can move the drone to any distance from the object and by pressing button play you will start filming.
Remote controller With built-in touch screen and main control button Erida can fly up to 7km range. Your customizable Erida controller gives you the confidence to fly the way you want. Controller can be used just with one hand you can fly, change modes and control the camera with it