First full carbon smart drone controlled with your mobile phone

Convenience and hands-free Carbon bag easily puts Erida inside even with props applied. Insert the battery and enjoy the flight.
The control has never been so simple! Copter will follow you on the distance - H and range - L set by you in preflight Virtual Stick mode
Manual mode Live control via only your mobile phone.
Follow Copter will follow you on a distance set by you
Mission This mode allows you to drop points on map, creating path for copter to follow
Random Copter itself chooses the flight mode at random and changes it during the flight
Orbit Copter circling around you a the chosen height and distance
Focus Focus mode is for object filming after manualy setting the Point Of Interest.
Beam Automatic mode which allows user to position copter in the air using accelerometer and gyroscope in mobile devices.
Erida - Smart drone
Erida - Smart drone
Engineer, 35 years in aircraft modeling, Ukraine master in F4C - scale model aircraft, F3d - pylon racing, holder of three World Records aeromodelling. Technological processes development for flying models parts production. 3d modeling of parts for further production on CNC machines . Development of CNC control programs for CNC milling machine.
Aerospace Engineer, with extensive experience in the developing and manufacturing carbon products. 19 years in aircraft modeling. Loving aerospace things since was a kid, an ERIDA seemed like the perfect thing to start implement future in our life and make it better. ERIDA is only the first small step forward flow of ideas and products that will improve our lives.
Omri joined Atlas in 2015 as the company's COO, in order to lead the company's professional product line. Omri comes from the Venture Capital industry, where he spent the last 8 years doing later-stage tech deals for leading funds in Asia and Israel. Omri holds an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
MAKSYM TSAPLIN Software Development Lead
Has more than 15 years of overall experience in IT - analyzing, designing and developing enterprise applications.
JULIA TSAPLINA Software Engineer
Experience in researching methods for processing color images and using FPGA technology as a hardware implementation of algorithms. Strong knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails framework. Extensive experience designing and leading the development of different types of projects.
VICTOR KURTENOK Electronic Development Lead
Graduate of Riga Technical University, Latvia, with the MS degree in Computer Engineering. 20+ years of experience in Electronic and Software engineering as well as an extensive list of professional publications make him perfect electronic development lead for Erida project.
PETERIS BUMANIS Electronic Engineer
Radio-electronic engineering professional with specialty in internal microcontroller architecture. Vast amount of experience in unmanned aircraft modelling and a lot of successful freelance projects make him a perfect fit for our team.
Alexey Klimenkov CFO
As for professional skills, Alexey has more than 10 years experience in a financial executive position: from oil industry to telecom companies, international tax planning, banking, financial management and accounting, dealing with State controlling institutions.